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Nichole Schmid 

     I couldn't tell you how I felt about my first yoga experience. What I do recall is sitting in the corner of my mom's class playing with toy horses for the entire hour. I grew up resistant to the idea of yoga, and although I practiced growing up, I didn't catch the "yoga bug" until I left for college. 

     In my life, I've experienced alienation from myself, so I’ve kept busy to mask the feeling that I never quite felt belonged anywhere. After only a few weeks of consistently practicing the Baptiste Journey into Power sequence, I started to understand that belonging begins with acceptance of what is. 

     The Baptiste Journey Into Power sequence changed me right before my very eyes, and I had no clue it was coming. My mom created something magnificent when she opened Change over ten years ago, and it has been the collective effort of her, the studios' many teachers over the years, and Change’s inspiring students who have shaped it into the special place it is today. Change is our home, and you are welcome here!   

     Other than Change, my life consists of time spent in the barn, doing mountainy things rain or shine, jamming to music live or in my car, or spending time by the fire or in the backyard with the coolest people out there.  

     I'm a Certified Level 1 Baptiste Teacher having attended my training with Baron in 2019 and a second Baptiste Teacher Course with Leandra in 2020.  Really looking forward to my next training with the Baptiste community–I get that fluttery feeling when I think about it!

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