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Mike Mackey
absolutely shreds the nar

      My yoga journey started almost 20 years ago by taking a class on my “off day” at the gym. As fortune would have it my instructor Robert Orter was amazing and over many years under his mentoring I learned how to consciously connect my mind and body.  


     My introduction to hot power vinyasa was with Caroline Grahm at Kaia Yoga in Ct, but the real immersion occurred here at Change Yoga where Poly Schmid and all the instructors and yogis have build such an unbelievable and beautiful community.

     I feel lucky to be part of it, and compelled to give back by assisting both beginner and seasoned yogis looking to take this journey of self discovery. Expect my class to be a power vinyasa flow based on Baptiste asnas, with great twists and insights learned from others along the way.


     It is a humbling privilege when I lead a practice, and I would welcome an opportunity to connect our minds, bodies, breath, and spirits to explore health, growth and possibility.

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