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Keeley Titus

Born in Jamaica, VT I’ve known the magic of this town for quite some time. It wasn’t until I moved back here in 2021 that I began to appreciate the art of slowing down, truly. My lifelong friend Casey Apps ( Change yoga instructor) encouraged me to show up for her classes, to heal my heart and body from a big ole knee injury on the slopes.  Slowly but surely rolling my mat out  once a week turned into a daily practice, and I found power in simply showing up. I am confident in saying yoga is the only reason I stepped back into my ski boots. It gave me the awareness and strength to move past my mental boundaries. Fast forward 2 years and I  completed my Baptiste Level One Teacher Training finding new strength and power to add to each day. Yoga has changed how my day unfolds, I eat healthier, I feel stronger, I am present. Yoga helped me disrupt my  drift of passing through blindfolded to life’s possibilities.  If you show up to my classes, I will help you realize how much power your mind and body hold, how beautiful life is! 

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