Polly Schmid

Polly Schmid

If I'm not in the studio, you'll find me in the barn or on the slopes! As a lifelong avid athlete, my scoliosis and chronic back pain kept me from doing the things that I love and keep my mojo going: to name a few, ski racing and riding dressage. My sister said, "You need to do yoga!" Yoga was the last thing I wanted to do. Too slow, too boring, not challenging enough... I thought. The next day I started doing yoga to videos and ran out and got my first instructor certification within a year. That was 25 years ago, and I haven't stopped my practice or teaching since.

My certifications include: 350 hours with School Yoga Institute and 500 hours with Baptiste Power Yoga Institute.  

If you're interested in making a change, my class is the one to come to. It's challenging physically and mentally which will take you to new heights in your life - places you never thought you could reach. All you have to do is show up. 

Sally Larkin

Having immediately connected with the focused flow of her first Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga class, Sally completed Level I, Level II, Assistant Training with Baron Baptiste. Sally received a 200 hour certification from Lifeline Power Yoga, registered with the Yoga Alliance.  Sally completed a 500 hour certification with Live Love Teach.  She is demanding and motivating, yet sensitive and patient. Sally builds on the needs of every individual and yet challenges her students in refreshing and inspiring ways.

Dave Redden

Over the past  26 years I have been a Professional Snowboard Coach, a River Guide for 10 years. I am a husband and father and part time carpenter but yoga has unified my life in all of these worlds.


It started for me in the mid boredom before I found Vinyasa Flow. First as Power Yoga, Then Baron Baptiste’s Power Yoga specifically connected. I could get pushed near my limits and focused to a point of rest and release from the thinking mind and I could repeat it! It became not just my favorite workout but one day I realized that I chose to practice rather than go whitewater paddling. I felt like I was digesting lumps of my past that had stuck for years.90’s. Once I recognized that I wanted to practice, It took 7-8 years of stumbling through styles, teachers, pain and

I saw a teacher grow her style and her studio over a period of years and simply followed her lead to LiveLoveTeach Yoga Teacher Training. In two trainings over three summers while I was already teaching spring and summer at Change Yoga Studio in Jamaica, Vermont, I completed my 200 hours of teacher training with LLT in Rhode Island.


I teach based upon the principles of ‘Focus on the Breathe’ and ‘Minimal Relevant Wording’. In a warm breathe through a Power Vinyasa Flow. I call the pose, then add cues as needed in the room. It’s all about quieting the chatter of the mind to reach a state of witness, because That’s How Yoga Works, but be warned: You might get very FIT!room we move with the


This is my third year of teaching at Change and the more I travel and practice , the more I am grateful for this solid and thriving yoga community in Jamaica Vermont. 

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Terence Kenning

I moved to VT in 2008 and for reasons I can't recall I walked into a yoga class and my life has never been the same! Simply put, it was a life changing experience and one I'm forever grateful for!  I  have enormous gratitude to Polly Schmid for training me to teach, and for the wonderful studio she's created here in Jamaica, VT.  My class is physical, mental and spiritual journey filled with music and good vibes!!  Yoga works! I don't think it works, I KNOW it works!! When I'm not practicing or teaching yoga you can find me at Mt Snow where I teach snowboarding, I'm a big supporter of Vermont’s local farms, music and all the outdoors has to offer here in Southern Vermont!! ️Shanti:-) Terence is a 200 Hour Live, Love, Teach Certified instructor.


Jessica Handler

My yoga journey started around 15 years ago dabbling in many different styles including Restorative, Hatha and Bikram. Throughout that particular journey however, I never felt connected to myself and I suffered from very low self esteem and no self confidence. It wasn’t until a fellow yoga instructor introduced me to Power yoga 5 years ago and I when stepped into the Change Yoga studio, I was forever transformed. I personally know how one can become their true, loving self with dedication to this practice. We strengthen our bodies, grow emotionally, learn to control our minds and finally unveil the soul. Most importantly, it is about learning to know and love yourself from the core of your being all the way out! 

As a teacher, I am dedicated to making all students feel safe, warm, relaxed, and comfortable in their practice. I believe smiling and laughter are the best medicine and try to teach all classes with that philosophy in mind. 


Bronwyn Sims

Bronwyn Sims found yoga after years of training as a competitive gymnast. Bronwyn believes

anyone can learn yoga and become more open and aware. Yoga is not just about flexibility.

Yoga is the art and practice of showing up mentally, emotionally and physically on your mat. It is

about breath, movement, presence, openness, awareness and the journey of the self. Bronwyn

enjoys teaching a vigorous class that includes, strength, flexibility, inversions, balance poses


and interesting sequencing and transitions.Yoga give us the space and time to look more deeply

at oneself.


Bronwyn has Yoga teacher training 200hr with Carrie Tyler of Rasamaya Yoga; Bhava Vinyasa

Yoga with Peter Rizzo; Ashtanga Yoga with Lisa Mendelsund and Doug Swenson; Aerial and

Acrobatics training with Elsie Smith and Serenity Smith Forchion of NECCA, The New England

Center for Circus Arts, Hector Salazar of Chelsea Piers, Sarah East Johnson of LAVA and Tanya

Gagne of The Trapeze Loft. Bronwyn is currently pursuing her MFA in Devised Physical Theatre

Performance at The University of The Arts and Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance

Training. Bronwyn currently teaches at Amrita Yoga and Wellness,The Yoga Movement

Sanctuary, Secret Circus, Bhava Yoga in Brattleboro VT, Philadelphia School of Circus Arts and

Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training.

To learn more, visit her website: www.bronwynsims.com


Nichole Schmid

I couldn't tell you how I felt about my first yoga experience, but I can tell you that I probbaly sat in the corner of my mom's class on my mat playing with my toy horses for the entire hour. And although I frequently practiced growing up, I didn't catch the "yoga bug" until I left for college. All I can say is thank God I finally did. I mean HELLO, life is way better with yoga. The Baptiste Journey Into Power sequence changed me right before my very eyes, and I had no clue it was coming. I went from hoarder to (almost) minimalist, from OCD to let it be, from ovethinker to finding space in my mind.... etc. Yeah, yoga has changed me, and it can change you to if you give it the chance. I'll push you to open up in my class. Curious as to what I mean? Come find out.

I read somewhere the other day that you need to tend to your gardens all summer long. Well, I've been discovering my yoga practice is a lot like my summer gardens. It's constant work, and what you get from that work is soooo worth it. I'm reminded of that after every class I take and every class I teach. 

A lifelong resident of Jamaica, VT and all for our growing community! I'm a Level 1 Baptiste certified teacher and a Human Service major with a French minor at Elon University (challenge me with your french if you can - I need it!). I love B&J's Phish Food, horses, mountainy things, great yoga classes, and music, and I strongly dislike taking out the tash and... that's all I can think of at the moment.