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About Us

“We are here to awaken and empower you to live in wholeness and full potential.”

Baron Baptiste


Nestled in the picturesque village of Jamaica, Vermont, Change Yoga whole heartily welcomes all visitors and community members of every level and ability to learn and practice yoga.


Brand new beginners and seasoned long time practitioners comfortably and happily practice right next to each other. 


Most of the classes suit every body as they are rooted in the Baptiste methodology and teachings, typically following an adaptable “Journey into Power” sequence.


The practice can be modified and will work for you and your body.


Our space is usually heated and humidified to deepen the practice



no signup for yoga classes - signup required for cycle classes

​we want you to show up just as you are, however we suggest that you:

hydrate before class and bring water 

wear comfortable, breathable clothes

bring your own mat, and a towel (also available to rent)

see the yoga class descriptions & cash prices on the tabs or scroll down

carry your shoes into the yoga room 

and be prepared to Sweat, Smile and Feel welcomed

OTHER OFFERINGS that will engage and deepen your practice in new ways may include:

cycling classes (use this link to reserve your bike and space in class)

private yoga classes, either in-studio sessions or house calls

introductory aerial yoga privates

occasional guest teachers

donation-based classes


other fitness classes 

challenges/programs (40 Days to Personal Revolution)

Please check the daily class schedule below for additions and changes.


Payment is required to put your name on the weekly sign up sheet

If you cannot sign up, text Polly @ 802-379-6962, and she'll get you in! 

Give cash/check in person at time of sign up or pay via Venmo 




Chagne Yoga Classes VT


All Levels Power Vinyasa
Change Yoga Vermont All Levels.jpeg

Inspired by the popular Baron Baptiste, this challenging flowing practice synchronizes movement and breath in a warm, steamy heated room. Come hydrated, bring a towel, lots of water, and be prepared to sweat as you go with the flow, to your breath, and sometimes with the music. It not only changes your body but your mind as well! Classes are for all levels, all abilities, and all bodies.

Power Hour

Got somewhere to be? This is the class for you. Start your day early and right with an invigorating, inspiring Baptiste vinyasa class and make it to work on time! And don't leave early! Build your strength and flexibility and find your True North as you move through the flow on and off your mat. Hydration is a must and a towel is highly recommended. 

Aerial Yoga

Take your flow to new heights! Spend an hour in the air with one of our skilled Aerial Yoga instructors as you move through a sequence that will stretch, strengthen, and challenge your body in ways you could only imagine. First-timers are encouraged to come to see what all the hype is about! Advanced aerial yogis are welcome to come to get their sweat on! We tailor these classes to fit your needs and work your body. Kids love it and adults rave about it. Bring your water, a FAT smile, and get ready to play!

Slow Flow

Great for beginners! Or sometimes you might just want to take it easy! Typically not as hot as the All Level or Power Hour class. Our teachers lead a modified sequence in one hour designed to move you gently through the flow. Come to this class and feel the tension melt from your body. Arrive hydrated with your water and a hand towel and expect to leave feeling calm and loose.

Super Duper Slow Flow/Restorative Yoga/Yin

Once in a while we will offer these three feel-good, low impact practices that focus on breath as you gently move the body towards supported postures, both seated and standing. Each of these classes offer a wide range of modifications, making it accessible for any body, with slow transitions, restorative pauses, and conscious movement. 

Cycle/Cycle and Yoga Class

Cycle Class 

Join Polly for a 45 minute all levels cycle session where beginners always welcome. Offering a variety of different themed classes, such as endurance; interval and strength training, you'll leave feeling energized and ready to take on your day with an empowered mindset! Bring a hand towel, indoor shoes to cycle in, and plenty of water. Heart monitors are highly suggested. 

Cycle and Yoga Class

Come on in for an all levels hour and a half cycle and yoga combo. We'll focus on one of the above themes on the bike and also spend some time practicing yoga on the mat. You will need a mat, towel, indoor shoes to cycle in, and a full water bottle.




Yoga Class 

1 Class Pass                  $20

5 Class Pass                 $90

10 Class Passes            $185



Yoga Monthly

Purchase select months   $120 

Due 1st of the month

Yoga Yearly 

Commit to 12 months      $100 

Due 1st of the month

Yoga Yearly              

Due anytime annually    $1,100


Individual Session       $65.00

(+$10 per person >2 people)  

Individual Package 5 Sessions                             $250.00

Individual Package 10 Sessions                 $500.00

House Call              $200.00

Aerial Private           $100.00

(+$10 per person >2 people)


Any Members                  $5

Local                            $10

Other                           $20
(Out of State)


Cycle/Cycle Yoga Class 

 Non Member                 $20

 Member                        $12

Try Your First Cycle Month 

for only $50!


Towel                           $2

Mat                              $2

Studio                         $50




Nichole Schmid

I couldn't tell you how I felt about my first yoga experience. What I do recall is sitting in the corner of my mom's class playing with toy horses for the entire hour. I grew up resistant to the idea of yoga, and although I practiced growing up, I didn't catch the "yoga bug" until I left for college. 

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Polly Schmid

If I'm not in the studio, you'll find me in the barn or on the slopes! As a lifelong avid athlete, my scoliosis and chronic back pain kept me from doing the things that I love and keep my mojo going: to name a few, ski racing and riding dressage. My sister said, "You need to do yoga!" 

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Sally Larkin

Having immediately connected with the focused flow of her first Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga class, Sally completed Level I, Level II, Assistant Training with Baron Baptiste. Sally received a 200-hour certification from Lifeline Power Yoga, registered with the Yoga Alliance. 

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Casey Apps

A Stratton Mountain native, I grew up at Change and Three Mountain Farm, doing yoga and taking riding lessons from Polly. I went to UVM, worked in Boston for a few years, and returned home after's a wonderful life! Everything came full circle when I started teaching here.

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Terence Kenning

I moved to VT in 2008 and for reasons, I can't recall I walked into a yoga class and my life has never been the same! Simply put, it was a life-changing experience and one I'm forever grateful for!  I  have enormous gratitude to Polly Schmid for training me to teach, and for the wonderful studio, she's created here in Jamaica, VT.

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Patrick Kiragu

In 2009 he became certified through Baptiste’s Level 1 in 2013 he attained his Level 2 in Kenya and Level 3 in Mexico through the Baptiste Yoga Institute. Through this trainings, he is officially certified as a Baptiste Yoga Instructor.

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Jill Sachs

Jill has been sharing yoga since 2014 and became a Yoga Therapist in October 2020 through the Integrative Yoga Therapy program at Kripalu, with a passion for offering the subtle aspects of the practice that anyone can access.

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Mike a teacher at Change Yoga Studio Vermont USA

Mike Mackey

My yoga journey started almost 20 years ago by taking a class on my “off day” at the gym. As fortune would have it, my instructor, Robert Orter was amazing and over many years under his mentoring, I learned how to consciously connect my mind and body. 

Keeley Titus

Born in Jamaica, VT I’ve known the magic of this town for quite some time. It wasn’t until I moved back here in 2021 that I began to appreciate the art of slowing down, truly. My lifelong friend Casey Apps ( Change yoga instructor) encouraged me to show up for her classes, to heal my heart and body from a big ole knee injury on the slopes.  

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Julie Scuderi 

I live in the finger lakes region of NY but get to spend lots of time in Vermont! One of my favorite places here is Change! I've had some serious breakthroughs in that warm, happy space.  Join me in a powerful flow that is breath based and oh so much fun!

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Screen Shot 2023-05-10 at 9.59.10 AM.png

Lauren Carusona

North Star- “A fixed destination that you can depend on in your life as the world changes around you”… 


Yoga is my North Star. 


I was 14 when my sister and I dropped into our first class in the back of the Jamaica Coffee House and it’s been a part of my life ever since. A place of comfort, knowing and belonging.

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